Product News

BBN OpenMarket

Companies are looking for whole new ways to market their brands and remain connected to their customers. BBN has delivered the one brand with everything coming into place: The BBN OpenMarket.

This week BBN announces the release of the beta version of BBN OpenMarket. A free internet utility for promoting your brand and staying connected with your prospects. You may say the product resembles the likes of Google Trader or Nigerian dealfish in some way. Please check it out to find out what’s different.

The BBN OpenMarket offers more: It’s not just about posting products, job openings, properties for rent, lease or sales etc. It’s about connecting buyers and sellers. People who are interested in your business/product will immediately send a request for the product and you will instantly receive the notification on your account and in your email.

No New Sign-Up Required
If you are already a  BBN user on product like SMS Messenger you do not need to register a new account. You simple sign in with your existing account and that’s it. You’re In for business.

Messaging Integration
The BBN OpenMarket is integrated with BBN SMS Gateway and connects to popular email services: Yahoomail, Gmail, Live, AOL. So that you can with a single click connect to your favourite sms or email messaging service to continue the conversation with your prospects. For sms messaging compose screen automatically appears right within the OpenMarket screen.

On a Final Note,
The market is really open. Bring all you want to sell. Advertise for free, receive requests, connect with people and other businesses. Increase your earnings!