Monthly Archives: March 2013

Since we announced the release of BBN SMS Messenger for mobile, the question that’s probably nagged at the back of some minds is what makes it so special and what can be done with this minuscule version?

Well to start with, the mobile version’s got speed and loads faster on your phone than the desktop version would. It also fits the width of your screen perfectly so there’s no need to zoom in to view an item on the page. Besides you can use it anywhere even while in the banking hall or while on the road.

Moving on from the advantages let’s talk about the features and the possibilities that are available to you as a user of the mobile version. Using the mobile version you can send SMS (both free and prepaid) to all your desired contacts on your phone.

You can also create groups, add bulk/single contacts, edit/delete contacts and groups right from your mobile phone.

Moreover, when you’ve made payments to the bank for recharging your BBN account,  you can load the teller and get your SMS credits added to your account using BBN SMS Messenger for mobile.

And finally for those who do not already have a BBN account, you can sign up and enjoy these benefits and more right from your mobile.

Simply visit on your mobile to get started. 


You asked, we listened and hurray, it’s finally here: BBN SMS Messenger Mobile website is now online delivering the same service on your mobile phone as on your PC.

It’s faster: BBN SMS Messenger Mobile is especially designed to be light weight and optimized for smaller screens to give greater speed and faster page load time.

It’s portable: you can now send your SMS on-the-go, anytime, anywhere and any day, provided you have internet connection on your mobile.

It delivers the same experience across mobile devices and because it’s easy to use we trust an overall improved experience for you.

Simply visit on your mobile browser to enjoy full satisfaction.