Since we announced the release of BBN SMS Messenger for mobile, the question that’s probably nagged at the back of some minds is what makes it so special and what can be done with this minuscule version?

Well to start with, the mobile version’s got speed and loads faster on your phone than the desktop version would. It also fits the width of your screen perfectly so there’s no need to zoom in to view an item on the page. Besides you can use it anywhere even while in the banking hall or while on the road.

Moving on from the advantages let’s talk about the features and the possibilities that are available to you as a user of the mobile version. Using the mobile version you can send SMS (both free and prepaid) to all your desired contacts on your phone.

You can also create groups, add bulk/single contacts, edit/delete contacts and groups right from your mobile phone.

Moreover, when you’ve made payments to the bank for recharging your BBN account,  you can load the teller and get your SMS credits added to your account using BBN SMS Messenger for mobile.

And finally for those who do not already have a BBN account, you can sign up and enjoy these benefits and more right from your mobile.

Simply visit on your mobile to get started. 


You asked, we listened and hurray, it’s finally here: BBN SMS Messenger Mobile website is now online delivering the same service on your mobile phone as on your PC.

It’s faster: BBN SMS Messenger Mobile is especially designed to be light weight and optimized for smaller screens to give greater speed and faster page load time.

It’s portable: you can now send your SMS on-the-go, anytime, anywhere and any day, provided you have internet connection on your mobile.

It delivers the same experience across mobile devices and because it’s easy to use we trust an overall improved experience for you.

Simply visit on your mobile browser to enjoy full satisfaction.

Just this evening, BBN announced the release of the BBN Comet: a powerful bulk messaging utility for your PC. Based on the BBN SMS Messenger, BBN Comet allows you to carry out your messaging campaigns instantly, bringing the service you love closer to you.

With BBN Comet, you can manage all your contacts directly from your PC. Comet allows you to create groups and edit them on the fly and build your database in real time.

And because your time is important, BBN Comet makes sending of messages very easy as you only need to go online at the time of message broadcast. Send product updates, and other special information to members of a group with just a click.

The train’s already moving, get on board. Comet can be downloaded from

On September 14th, we announced the release of the new BBN Free SMS Messenger – an internet utility for sending free short messages to your friends, colleagues and family members. But why the name changes? What you probably have been used to is BBN SMS Gateway and now BBN SMS Messenger. The simple answer is what we seek to explain in this article.

BBN SMS Messenger is a web based tools for sending short message to mobile phones. BBN SMS Messenger is available in two varieties: Free and Prepaid both of which interacts directly with the BBN SMS Gateway to broadcast sms.

BBN Free SMS Messenger is built for everybody to send instant sms to family, friends, colleagues, classmates, etc. for free every day. All you need is to signup for a free account. The message delivers on recipient’s phone as if it originated from your mobile phone and when the reply is typed it delivers back to your mobile.

BBN Prepaid SMS Messenger is built to enable businesses, religious groups, government, etc to cost-effectively send branded and personalized short messages SMS in bulk to group members, business prospects, customers and much more using very simple web screens. This version is ideal for sending invitations, reminders, campaigns, advertisements, etc at low prices

Finally, the BBN SMS Gateway is a Business to Business B2B product that allows interaction between software products such as the SMS Messenger, Reseller bulk sms messaging platforms, e-Commerce platforms and other enterprise platforms for the purpose of sending out text messages. Our gateway currently supports only HTTP GET & POST connections. The gateway currently provides integration guide with sample code for connecting your platform to BBN SMS Gateway. A PHP SDK is also available for download at this location.

To put this altogether in one place, we have rebranded the home page of to reflect this friendliness and simplicity. Visit  to  see the new design.

Thank you for the time taken to read this article.


This evening, BBN announces the re-introduction of the free sms messaging platform which was halted on March 1st, 2009 under BBN SMS Gateway. The difference is that, this time, BBN Free SMS Messenger is a separate solution from the BBN SMS Gateway that allows you to send the sms from your web account to mobile phones as if it were sent from a mobile phone to another.

BBN Free SMS Messenger

The effect is that your friends, family members and colleagues who already saved your contact on their mobile will receive the sms as if it were sent from your phone and your name appears as saved in their phonebook registry. When your recipient types the reply it hits your phone – very much unlike the branded sms messaging that takes a branded name instead of your number.

The BBN Free SMS Messenger is hosted at the sub-domain . For ease of access we have created a simpler domain that grants you easy access to the free sms service. The domain is

So you no longer have to spend your call credit when sending a text to your friends, family or colleagues. The BBN free SMS Messenger delivers to all Nigerian GSM networks (MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo) and the CDMAs alike.

It’s something to enjoy this weekend. And forever.

This is to update you that we have fixed the bug on our credit sharing system noticed after a system update in the early hours of this morning. This was an urgent response to a call that the ‘Share-With-Me system‘ was terminating on a blank page.

Earlier, this same week, we discovered and quickly fixed the omission on our Interswitch WebPay integration on BBN Checkout which had caused instant recharge to fail since we migrated BBN SMS Messenger portal from to

Definition: The BBN Checkout is an integrated sub-system on the BBN Network that integrates with various internet payment providers such as Interswitch.

Whilst we sincerely apologise for every inconveniences you may have experienced during the day, be rest assured that we are constantly working to deliver better customer experience all the way. We appreciate your feedback whenever you observe bugs that require attention on our platform.

Thank you for choosing BBN.

Based on what you asked for: BBN today announces a very important improvement in the Developer’s Central which has obviously become more resourceful both to developers and enterprises from different interest points.

Over the weekend, three successful upgrades were added to the BBN Developers Central

Detailed documentation on these features is available at the Developers Central:

Generally speaking, it shouldn’t take a PHP Developer five minutes to complete the integration because the SDK has been packaged with very simple sample code and instruction on how to get the integration running ASAP.

However, if at any point you find out you are seriously lost in a code maze and really need help a support email has been added to the Technical Support section of the HTTP API documentation.

Feel free to contact us.

How many bulk sms platforms can look you straight in the eye and give you guarantee of 96.7 % delivery for sms you broadcast to Nigerian networks using  their platform? We’ve got that confidence.

Since the past 1 year,  when the MTN filter saga began, we have been thoroughly searching for the most effective routes that can delivery your sms messages and guarantee high delivery ratio. We’ve experimented several routes and had different results.

We’ve finally reached that point and we’re not going back.  Since August 14th BBN SMS team has constantly tested delivery ratios for all your messages and on the average we got 96.7% delivery. This means a rare case of failure delivery for messages you pass through our gateway.

Look out for the following updates

  1. Filter on spam words such as ‘congratulations’, ‘winner’, ‘million’, etc has been removed and we have put in place a more reliable spam filter system that ensures “the good guy doesn’t get punished for the bad guy’s sin”.

  2. We have also returned the routing cost for sms to MTN network to 1 unit per page as against the former 1.5 unit per page. And a video was released to this effect.

    Clearing the Air on the Bulk SMS Routing Cost Confusion

    You can watch the video on Youtube using the following link of copy and paste the link in web browser address bar.)

    Please note that due to compatibility issue with Adobe Flash Player 11.x videos may not play on some versions of Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Contact us today and get your business running fast again on the platform you’ve always trusted.

BBN OpenMarket

Companies are looking for whole new ways to market their brands and remain connected to their customers. BBN has delivered the one brand with everything coming into place: The BBN OpenMarket.

This week BBN announces the release of the beta version of BBN OpenMarket. A free internet utility for promoting your brand and staying connected with your prospects. You may say the product resembles the likes of Google Trader or Nigerian dealfish in some way. Please check it out to find out what’s different.

The BBN OpenMarket offers more: It’s not just about posting products, job openings, properties for rent, lease or sales etc. It’s about connecting buyers and sellers. People who are interested in your business/product will immediately send a request for the product and you will instantly receive the notification on your account and in your email.

No New Sign-Up Required
If you are already a  BBN user on product like SMS Messenger you do not need to register a new account. You simple sign in with your existing account and that’s it. You’re In for business.

Messaging Integration
The BBN OpenMarket is integrated with BBN SMS Gateway and connects to popular email services: Yahoomail, Gmail, Live, AOL. So that you can with a single click connect to your favourite sms or email messaging service to continue the conversation with your prospects. For sms messaging compose screen automatically appears right within the OpenMarket screen.

On a Final Note,
The market is really open. Bring all you want to sell. Advertise for free, receive requests, connect with people and other businesses. Increase your earnings!